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Bathroom Renovations

Beautiful bathroom renovations and remodels to fit your home, your life and your budget.

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Bathroom Renovations

Is your bathroom dingy, cluttered or outdated? If so, you are not alone. Our bathrooms are one of the most used areas of our homes and, along with regular use, they are also the most prone to damage from moisture and aging. At BR Bathroom Renovations, we understand how important it is to have a bathroom that is functional, beautiful and healthy. Choose BR Bath Renovations and Remodeling services for:

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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Large Bathroom Renovations

Large Bathroom Renovations give you the opportunity to turn your bathroom into a spa-like atmosphere designed to melt away stress and rejuvenate yourself. While having a large space, it can be overwhelming deciding how to use it, it also gives you the chance to get creative with elements like a seating area or full vanity. Depending on your goals and the size of the bathroom you have to work with, here are some ideas for Large Bathroom Renovations that BR can create for your home:

Add a Sitting Area

A lounge area with a soft chair or couch can be surprisingly useful. Along with creating a quiet, restful space for daily use, it can be helpful when you have multiple people getting ready or when you have guests. This can be an ideal solution for a master bathroom especially.

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bathroom sitting

Full Vanity Set with Seating

Whether you choose a sleek and modern vanity or an ornate vintage model, a vanity set in your bathroom is a beautiful luxury. With proper lighting, a vanity is the ideal place for makeup application and hair styling.

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full vanity


Use extra space in large bathroom renovations to build cabinets or a closet. Use this to store towels, linens and toiletries. This can free up space elsewhere and make these items conveniently located near the bathroom and bedrooms.

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bathroom storage


A renovation that includes proper renovation can help keep your bathroom looking nice for years to come. BR can install a ceiling ventilation fan that will help to remove moisture and prevent mold from forming. This renovation idea not only keeps your bathroom looking and smelling fresher, it can also help control allergens.

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exhaust hood

Custom Materials And Designs

For some larger bathrooms, it can be a challenge to find premade countertops, vanities and storage options that fit the space. Instead of settling for smaller structures intended for smaller bathrooms, let BR create custom solutions that fit your bathroom seamlessly. With proper fitting elements, your bathroom will function more efficiently and avoid looking cluttered or mismatched.

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custom materials and design

Add A Sauna Or Jacuzzi Tub

Yes, you can add a jacuzzi and sauna to your home bathroom! While a standard tub can be fitted with whirlpooli jets, if you have the space, nothing beats a full-sized jacuzzi tub. Similarly, home saunas are becoming more popular and affordable. Each can be therapeutic and cost-effictive compared to a gym membership.

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sauna and jaccuzi

Bathroom Renovation Contractors For Mobility Impaired Bathrooms

If you or a loved one has experienced mobility issues due to aging or injury, the simple comfort of a bathroom designed for those changing needs is crucial for well-being. At BR, we provide bathroom remodel services that can update your bathroom with upgrades that are both functional and beautiful.

bathroom renovation features


A walk-in tub with seating is the easy and affordable way to create safe bathing access. With a walk-in tub, you get the soothing luxury of a sit-down bath without having to climb over a high-sided tub. Instead, a walk-in tub installs a small door on the side of the tub for you to easily step through. A watertight seal ensures you can bath comfortably without concern for water escaping.



Create a seamless transition from your restroom to the bathing area with a zero-threshold shower. Not only is this shower type ideal for wheelchair access, it utilizes the space better than other options and creates an open look and feel.

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Small Bathroom Renovations

Small bathroom renovations can be some of the most difficult but also the most rewarding. With our innovative bathroom renovations, we can transform cramped, inefficient small bathrooms into comfortable, organized spaces. Consider these ideas for small bathroom renovations:

Unique Storage Solutions

One of the biggest problems with small spaces is that there simply is no room for storage. Our bathroom renovations experts can build custom storage solutions to utilize the space you have with maximum efficiency. Add extra shelves to cabinets, under-sink storage and built-in closets.

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bathroom space
light color bathroom

Choose Light Colors

A small bathroom does not mean you need to be stuck with all-white walls and tile, but soft, neutral colors can open up the look and feel of your bathroom. From wall and tile colors in warm, neutral tones to cabinetry in light wood finishes, BR’s remodeling experts will create a tranquil, open space even in the smallest bathrooms.

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Mirrored Cabinet

Mirrors have long since been used to create a more open look and feel in small rooms. Whether you want a traditional mirrored medicine cabinet over the sink or a full-length mirror over a closet, this is not only an effective design option, it also maximizes the functionality of a small space.

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mirrored cabinets

Bathroom Remodel vs Bathroom Renovations

You know your bathroom needs an upgrad but do you need a bathroom remodel or renovation? It is generally accepted that the terms ‘remodeling’ and ‘renovation’ are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference.

bathroom renovation

Bathroom Renovation

In short, a renovation is when you want to restore your bathroom to its former glory. This can include paint touch-ups, new tile, wood refinishing and generally sprucing up the existing structures.

bathroom remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

With a remodel, the change is more dramatic. A remodel can transform your space by adding storage, moving elements, adding or removing walls and much more. Not all remodels need to be this major, but they are generally more involved than a renovation.

bathroom resurfacing

Bathroom Restoration

At BR we specialize in renovation and remodeling, but there is also a third option: restoration. This is when you are restoring a space with elements that are accurate to the period. For example, a 1940’s bathroom restoration would involve finding elements like vintage wallpaper, tile and fixtures.

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