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Newmarket Bathroom Renovation


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Local Bathroom Renovation Contractors in Newmarket for large and small bathroom remodeling

Newmarket is home to historic buildings and world class shopping. Minutes from the heart of the city’s downtown shopping center, you can find homes that reflect the rich history of this area. At BR Bathroom Renovations, we are experienced with both modern homes and restoring vintage residences. Whether you want to simply upgrade existing structures or remodel your entire bathroom, our knowledgeable contractors are here to help you get the bathroom that suits you and your home.

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Could a bathroom renovation be the best investment you could make? A recent study by revealed that homeowners recouped roughly two-thirds of their renovation investment when they sold their home. This gives bath remodels one of the best returns on investment when it comes to home upgrades.

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What else can a bathroom renovation do for you and your home?

  • Energy Efficient: Improve energy efficiency while reducing heating and cooling costs. By taking measures such as installing radiant flooring and improving insulation around windows, you can make your bathroom more comfortable, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.
  • Block Moisture: Stop mold and water damage before it starts. Remodeling efforts can reveal if your bathroom has hidden moisture issues and stop them in their tracks.
  • Improve Safety: Safety features like step-through tubs, seamless shower floors and handrails can make a bathroom more easily accessible for anyone with mobility issues. With modern styling these features will make your bathroom safer without detracting from the design. Slip resistant flooring is also a great addition no matter your age or ability.
  • Increase Storage: If you have ever struggled to find a place to keep towels, toiletries or personal items then you know how important convenient bathroom storage is. With proper storage, you can have everything you need organized in easy to find shelving and drawers.
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How to Stay on Budget With Your Bathroom Renovations Newmarket

If you are like most homeowners, you have likely personally experienced or heard of renovation horror stories that end up costing many times more than intended. While there is always the possibility that something will go wrong and the final price will be increased, you can avoid going over budget by following these guidelines:


Make a list of everything you would like done with your bathroom and then rank what is most important to least. By knowing this ahead of time, you will be better prepared to avoid adding on extras that are not in the budget.

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Know What You Want

Before calling in contractors or obtaining quotes, do your research to get ideas for what will work for your bathroom. Consider what your ultimate renovations would include and what your must-have items are.

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Avoid Unnecessary Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom can be a great tool for fixing poor design issues but it is more expensive than renovating. While renovating helps to restore existing structures, remodeling can change the structure of a bathroom. This can include adding or knocking down walls, building additions and more. Before committing to more drastic and expensive remodeling, ask your contractor what you can do with more cost-efficient renovations.

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Ready to get started on your bathroom remodel? Newmarket residents have come to rely on the trusted experience and excellent customer service that BR Bathroom Renovations provides. We specialize in both bathroom remodels and renovations that can transform your bathroom. Schedule your bath renovation in Newmarket consultation by calling us at (647) 834-8346.