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Richmond Hill Bathroom Renovation

Beautiful Bathroom Renovations Richmond Hill

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Make your renovation and remodeling dreams come true with BR Bathroom Renovations in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is a thriving and diverse city with lovely parks at every corner and a growing economy. As the population grows so does the need for renovation and remodeling efforts on the area’s homes. At BR Bathroom Renovations, we serve the Richmond Hill area with the best in bathroom remodeling. From simple upgrades to total remodels, we can help you create a beautiful bathroom for your home.

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Bathroom Renovations Richmond Hill: How to Get the Bathroom You Want

Want to make sure you get everything you want in your bathroom remodel? One of the most important things you can do is to know what you want before the project starts. While our knowledgeable bathroom contractors can help guide your project, it is best if you do your own research first.

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Keep these things in mind when planning your bathroom remodel in Richmond Hill:

  • Make a list of your must-haves. When a large project is underway it is easy to get lost in the process. Things get added and changed for a variety of reasons and it is important to know what you want the end result to be. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed during the renovation and making decisions last minute.
  • Leave room in the budget for unexpected costs. No matter how well a major remodel or renovation is planned, costs can often change. Sometimes more damage is found once tile is removed, plumbing needs to be replaced before a tub can be installed, and a hundred other possibilities.
  • Get inspired by other designs for bathrooms similar to your own. Look for bathroom renovations for baths that are of a similar size and floor plan to your own. This will help give you an idea of what will work best for your space.
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Big Ideas for Small Bathroom Renovations in Richmond Hill

Is a small bathroom cramping your style? Homebuyers often underestimate how inconvenient a small bathroom can be. All the things you would normally store in your bathroom, i.e. toiletries, toilet paper, and extra towels, suddenly have nowhere to go. With a small bathroom renovation, you can often add storage or free up space by choosing the right-sized fixtures. Consider this renovation ideas for your small bathroom:

Recessed and custom shelving

Recessed shelving that goes into the wall will give you more space to store things without taking up precious floor space. Recessed shelving in a shower is an easy addition with great benefits as well.

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Choose compact and low-profile cabinets and vanities

While a large sink and counter can be nice, a smaller version is often just as functional while still leaving spice to comfortably move in your bathroom.

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Choose light tiles, walls and wood finishes

This is a time-honored decorator’s trick that can help make any room seem larger. Choose pale shades and light woods to avoid making your small bathroom look even smaller.

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Bathroom Contractors for Your Bathroom Renovations Richmond Hill

Ready to get started with your bath renovation? BR Bathroom Renovations is here to help. Our knowledgeable and experienced bathroom contractors proudly serve the Richmond Hill area with the best in home remodeling construction and design. Schedule your consultation and receive a cost estimate by calling us at (647) 834-8346.