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Markham Bathroom Renovation

Beautiful Bathroom Renovations In Markham

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Experienced Bathroom Renovation Contractors in Markham for all Your Remodeling and Renovation Needs

Markham is a diverse area with historical buildings residing minutes away from soaring skyscrapers. As a local renovation contractor, BR Bathroom Renovations has years of experience renovating both vintage homes and remodeling modern residences. We understand how each type of home has its own remodeling and renovation needs. Whether you want to restore a vintage bath or fully modernize your bathroom with sleek chrome fixtures, BR Bathroom Renovations has solutions to meet your needs and aesthetics.

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Why Should you Consider Bathroom Renovations in Markham?

Renos for any area of your home can be beneficial, but they are especially useful in a bathroom. Bath renovations have some of the highest rates of return on investment and they help to improve one of the most used rooms of your home. Here are our top reasons for a bath renovation in Markham:

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Return on Investment for Bathroom Remodeling Markham

Is remodeling your bathroom worth it? While remodeling and renovation efforts are expensive, you can expect to recoup most of your costs if you ever decide to resell your home. In a survey, it was found that roughly two-thirds of the cost of a bathroom remodel will be recovered during a home sale. This means you can enjoy your newly renovated bathroom for years to come at a fraction of the actual cost. However, even if you do not choose to sell, remodeling can often pay off in other ways, including:

  • Renovation can stop leaks and mold before they start. By removing fixtures and inspecting walls and floors before there is a problem, bigger issues are prevented.
  • Increase comfort and organization in your home. Renovations can be used to add storage, upgrade fixtures, and increase the functionality of your bathroom. How much time and stress could you save with a well-organized bathroom that includes extra storage?
  • Add or improve safety features. A renovation gives you the opportunity to add features like grab-bars, step-through bathtubs, and seamless showers. Each of these features can be beneficial for healthy, able-bodied adults but are especially useful for anyone with mobility issues.
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Replace Builder-Grade Materials

Is your bathroom’s generic, frameless mirror still staring back at you from under a strip of too-bright lights? If you are like many homeowners, you likely still have the same fixtures that came with your home. While these items are serviceable, builder-grade products are not of the best quality and have a basic, mass-produced look. With a bathroom renovation, you can change or upgrade these items into ones that will last longer and transform the look of your bathroom. Here are our top tips for how to renovate a builder-grade bathroom:

Focus on a custom vanity and mirror

In a small room like a bathroom, the mirror and vanity can do wonders for upgrading the whole look of the room. Instead of the plain painted wood and frameless mirror that likely came with the house, consider upgrading to a mirrored cabinet and a vanity that suits your style.

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Choose A Theme

Builder homes are typically designed with neutral fixtures and colors that will appeal to a wide audience. With something as simple as choosing a color theme, you can take your bathroom from basic and dull to looking personal and welcoming.

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Upgrade your shower and tub

Our Bathroom Renovations in Markham can upgrade your shower with features like multiple-jets, shower seating, a step-through tub and more.

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Choose A Special Feature

Create a spa-like experience in your home by installing a sauna, jacuzzi, or multi-jet shower in your restroom. Not only can these additions be a great way to unwind, but they can also be more cost-effective and convenient than going to a spa or health club for the same amenities.

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