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Bathroom Renovations In Toronto

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Local Bathroom Renovation Contractors in Toronto for large and small bathroom remodeling

Toronto is known for being a diverse, culturally rich city. Homes in this exciting metropolitan area reflect the history and thriving future of Canada’s largest city. BR Bathroom Renovations is a local Toronto area company dedicated to the city we call home and to making your remodel and renovation dreams a reality. From beautiful upgrades on existing fixtures to complete overhauls, our bathroom contractors will work with you to achieve the results you want.

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Bathroom Remodel In Toronto

Renovations and remodels are often accepted as the same thing but there is a difference. Renovations include upgrades that will restore your home to a like-new state. This can include replacing old fixtures, new floor tiles and replacing old vanities and tubs. A remodel can also include these things but will focus on a more dramatic transformation. For example, a remodel could also include removing or building walls and altering the overall structure of a room.

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Does your bathroom need a renovation or a remodel?

Renovations tend to offer better value for most homeowners. Because you are restoring structures that already exist in your home, the cost is less than if you were building or redesigning new structures. However, remodels can achieve the following:

  • Correct poor design features.
  • Fix plumbing issues such as pipes in an exterior wall.
  • Expand a room. For example, a remodel can combine two rooms into one or remove a wall to make a closet part of a single room.
  • Divide a space. While you can use removable room dividers for some tasks, permanent walls in a bathroom will allow you to create more functional and private space. Large bathrooms in particular can benefit from this sectioning the toilet from the rest of the room.
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Bathroom Renovations Toronto

How Can you Get the Most from Your Bathroom Renovations in Toronto? Getting the renovations you want starts with knowing what kind of bathroom you want. While experienced bathroom contractors like BR Bathroom Renovations can certainly help you bring your vision to life and offer suggestions about what will work best, a contractor cannot and should not decide the total look of your bathroom. To make sure your new bathroom is everything you want it to be, follow these steps to be an informed client:

Get Inspired By Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Do web searches and make a list of trends, classic design elements, and anything else that catches your eye. Then, create a list of “must-have” elements along with things that you definitely do not want. This will help ensure you do not get overwhelmed by choices when the time comes to get started.

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Know Your Space

While much can be done with a bath remodel, there are limitations for any room. For example, having a double vanity only makes sense if you have enough space. Trying to fit this or other custom elements into too small of a space will lead to greater problems and inconvenience.

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Leave Room In Your Budget For The Unexpected

Even the best-planned renovations and remodels will often have changes in the final budget. To avoid cash flow issues, choose renovations that come in under your maximum budget.

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Expert Team

Hire bathroom contractors with experience and a portfolio that includes designs you personally like. Contractors should also offer transparent pricing and guarantees on labor and parts where appropriate.

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