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50 Inspiring Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms can often be difficult spaces to decorate. Small, cramped dimensions, awkward angles and a lack of good lighting can all make it feel impossible to make bathrooms both functional and beautiful. However, with the right inspiration it can be done!

Modern design often breaks old stereotypes such as not using dark colors in small rooms or avoiding prints.  You can also mix and match themes and, with expert construction, even change the layout of your bathroom with minimal effort. Get excited about your bathroom remodel with these 50 inspiring bathroom design ideas.

Bright and Bold

White and light colored bathrooms do not have to be boring or sterile looking. If you plan to decorate with white, these tips can help your bathroom look clean and inviting instead of mundane.

  1. Mix light toned neutrals together with your white decor. Even if your bathroom is primarily white, muted beiges and greys are close enough in color without being distracting.
  2. Consider a bright accent color. Choose a bright and bold accent color to place throughout the room.
  3. Use off-white and cream tones to create a warmer appearance over stark white.
  4. Incorporate dimmer lights to use for when you want to create a cozier feel to your white bathroom.
  5. Treat golds and silvers as neutral tones. Both of these colors often complement a white color scheme for an exceptionally rich and sophisticated look.
  6. Incorporate textures to create visual interest without having to use patterns or darker colors. Painted wooden paneling, textured floor tiles and even brick can all work well with white.
  7. Incorporate plants and greenery.
  8. Use easily changeable elements like towels and rugs to add pops of color without having to commit to a single color scheme.
  9. Go country with white shiplap and a free-standing white tub.
  10. Use simple patterns like stripes for subtle, modern visual interest.

Dark and Elegant

dark and elegantBlack and other dark colors can create an elegant, modern or sophisticated look for your bathroom. Take your dark tones to the next level with these ideas.

  1. Accent with white to create a bold, graphic look.
  2. Tile the floor or walls in black and white while leaving the fixtures all black.
  3. Contrast the black with silver or even beige if you do not want the stark difference between black and white.
  4. Make sure to use mirrors and overhead lighting to avoid the dark bathroom feeling claustrophobic.
  5. Lean into modern styling with sleek lines and silhouettes.
  6. Add visual interest by incorporating a black and white pattern or mural.
  7. Black silhouettes of trees, flowers and wildlife against a white background create visual interest and a natural element without breaking up your color scheme.
  8. Choose elegant light fixtures that incorporate glass or crystal.
  9. Accent your black bathroom with rich jewel tones like ruby or sapphire blue.
  10. Use white trim along black walls.

Rustic and Romantic

Rustic bathrooms decorated with shiplap, wood elements and simple flowers are among the most inviting bathroom designs. Make your rustic bathroom extra relaxing with these tips.

  1. Make a free-standing tub the centerpiece of your room  Choose a high-backed tub for extra comfort and rustic charm.
  2. Incorporate floral elements in the form of a mural, painting of wallpaper to bring home the country theme.
  3. Look for speciality “country” or “rustic” fixtures to ensure you have a cohesive look.
  4. Choose light, airy colors accented with more earthy tones.
  5. Consider copper faucets and handles for a rustic look that is also long-lasting.
  6. Look for wood fixtures and cabinetry. Bonus points for reclaimed wood pieces.

Sleek and Modern

Modern does not have to mean stark and uninviting. Consider these tips to make your modern bathroom feel comfortable and serene.

  1. Mix shades of a neutral color like beige for a refined look that does not feel cold.
  2. Choose chrome faucets and fixtures for easy to clean pieces that will match your theme.
  3. Opt for simple, clean lines and silhouettes when choosing fixtures.
  4. Incorporate mirrored cabinets for a modern look that is also functional.
  5. Choose abstract and geometric artwork to complement the look.

Vintage Chic

Decor that harkens back to previous decades is more popular than ever. Give your bathroom a vintage or retro flare with these tips.

  1. Search for vintage style reproductions of sinks and tubs
  2. Consider looking for refurbished fixtures that came from the era you want to decorate in.
  3. Choose a decade you want to emulate as a way to focus your design.
  4. Pedestal style sinks were a must have fixture for many decades. Use this in your design.
  5. Decorate your walls in “subway tile” which creates a vintage look that is not dated.
  6. To avoid your bathroom looking like a museum reproduction of a certain area, be selective in how you go vintage. For example, choose a freestanding vintage tub and pedestal sink combined with more modern tiling.
  7. Incorporate a vintage dressing table and vanity for old-school charm that is also really useful.

What to Do With a Windowless Bathroom

A windowless bathroom can seem like a disadvantage but it also ensures privacy. Consider these design tips for making a windowless bathroom comfortable and functional.

  1.  Invest in quality lighting. Depending on the size of the bathroom, you should have both vanity lights and an overhead light.
  2. Consider a natural light/ sunlight lamp.
  3. Opt for lighter and brighter decor items.
  4. Hang an extra mirror where a window might go. Consider using a rectangular shape to mimic the look and feel of a window.
  5. Keep your bathroom uncluttered to avoid it feeling claustrophobic.
  6. Add a mural or painting to create visual interest in lieu of a window.
  7.  Paint the ceiling white to make the space feel taller and more airy.

windowless bathroomBathroom Renovation Ideas

Does your bathroom need more than just a fresh coat of paint? Bathroom remodel and renovation is your chance to get the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of without having to move. Consider these design ideas for your bathroom.

  1. If you only have a shower, consider converting the area to a luxury tub. Tubs and hot tubs in your bathroom can give you a relaxing, spa-like experience in your own home.
  2. Do you have a tub but limited space? In smaller bathrooms, you may be able to reclaim part of your floor space by installing a standing shower in place of a tub.
  3. Utilize corners with showers and storage cabinets designed to fit snugly into corners. This can make better use of floor space and help you avoid awkward, hard to clean spaces behind free-standing shelving units.
  4. Replace painted walls with tile. Moisture in a bathroom leaves painted and wallpapered walls especially vulnerable to wear and tear. If you have wall space around your tub or shower that is not tiled, consider upgrading. This will not only give your bathroom a more polished appearance but also help reduce water damage.
  5. If you have a smaller bathroom that shares a wall with a closet, you may be able to remove the closet wall to create a larger bathroom.

Getting Started with Bathroom Renovations

While some bathroom remodel and decorating makes for a great DIY project, many changes need expert help. If you plan to add tile, install new fixtures or overhaul the structure of a bathroom, the best place to start is with a trusted and licensed bathroom renovation contractor.

At Ontario’s Bathroom Renovation, we transform bathrooms of all shapes and sizes to improve design, function and appearance. To schedule a consultation, contact us at 647) 834-8346.

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