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Bathroom Furniture Ideas

Bathrooms are just about the most used rooms of our homes but they rarely get the attention they deserve when it comes to decorating.  This is especially true when it comes to bathroom furniture. Small touches like decorative rugs, towel warmers, and storage solutions can add both functionality and warmth to your home. Consider these bathroom furniture ideas for ways to change up the look of your room and create a space you look forward to relaxing in.

Privacy Screen

Privacy screens come in a wide range of beautiful colors and designs. These foldable furniture pieces will allow you to separate sections of your bathroom while also adding decoration. Place them between a toilet and vanity section or next to a tub to provide privacy while leaving the vanity area free.  While not the ideal choice for every living situation or bathroom, this can be a way to solve issues in busy households with too few bathrooms.

Side Tables

Bathroom side tables can be a beautiful way to add additional functionality to your bathroom. Set one up next to a small vanity to add extra counter space. Place one next to the tub for a place to set a glass of wine or your phone while you bathe. Use a small table to hold candles, bath oils and everything you need to create a luxurious feeling night in.

Side tables can also provide additional storage space. Choose side tables with drawers to store extra toiletries, a bathtime book and other items you want close at hand.

Get Creative with Shelving

If you have a larger bathroom, consider creative shelving solutions. Choose elegant or modern shelving types to hold towels, plants, books, and more. Embrace a spa like atmosphere and use your shelving to house aromatherapy diffusers, a zen garden, and other items that inspire tranquility.

Towel Rack

Towel racks are often little more than a plastic or metal bar. However, if you have the space, a ladder style towel rack will complement a rustic decor. Towel racks also provide a convenient place to air dry towels or even other clothing that cannot be put in the dryer.

towel rack

Towel Warmer

Towel warmers give your towels a fresh from the dryer feel anytime. They can also help to dry towels after a shower to reduce the chances of bacterial or mildew growth. Towel warmers can also help to reduce humidity in a bathroom and clear steam more quickly.

Add a Decorative Rug for Color and Warmth

Rugs make a quick, inexpensive, and versatile way to change up the look of any room. If your bathroom is predominantly white, rugs are especially good for bringing in a splash of decorative color.  Choose darker rugs to add warmth to a bathroom that has a cool color scheme or get a rug that matches an accent color. Rugs can also be an easy and fun way to change up your decor based on the season. Make sure to choose a rug with rubber backing or adhesive to ensure it is not only beautiful but also safe for your bathroom.

Sitting Area

Add a chair or two to your bathroom to give yourself a place to sit while performing a skincare routine or styling your hair. If you have a larger bathroom you may even consider getting a small couch. This can create a lovely place to relax before or after a bath and a convenient place to sit while dressing . A plush ottoman can also work well in a bathroom.

Dressing Table

Whether you have an ultra modern bathroom or a more vintage vibe, there is a dressing table perfect for your room. While most bathrooms will have a vanity which includes a sink and cabinet, a dressing table gives you a dedicated space to store and apply your makeup, skincare, and hair products. Choose a dressing table with a matching seat for a piece of bathroom furniture that is as useful as it is elegant.

Basin Sink

While not strictly furniture, a basin style sink will add visual appeal to a bathroom. These raised, bowl-shaped sinks will elevate your decor and give your bathroom a modern spa feel.

basin sink

Expanded Medicine Cabinet

Is the small behind the mirror medicine cabinet not holding as much as you need it to? If so, you are not alone. While some homeowners may only want to store a few bottles in this space, a larger cabinet will allow you to organize bigger supplement bottles, shampoos, and other products you want close at hand.

Potted Plants

Plants help to add to the feel of tranquility and peace in a room. Choose humidity loving plants in decorative pots to add to your decor and create an oasis within your home. Bonsai plants can be especially lovely for a bathroom. Help relax your mind after a long day by caring for these unique plants.

Home Sauna

Saunas help to ease sore muscles and get rid of excess water weight in the body. Once considered only for use in a gym or spa, these stress-relieving saunas are now available for home use. Available in a range of colors and styles, these compact saunas make a beautiful addition to any home.

Get the Bathroom You want

While bathroom furniture can be great as a quick way to upgrade your bathroom,sometimes a professional remodel is the only way to truly get the bathroom you want. With expert remodeling you can expand a bathroom, install a sauna, add or remove walls, and build permanent storage solutions.

At Bathroom Renovations, we have proudly served the greater Toronto for many years. We have the ability to bring your bathroom ideas to life. Or, speak with one of our experts to find out more about what kind of bathroom furniture is right for your bathroom. Call us today at  647-834-8346 to schedule an appointment.

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